Karwar Sea Beach
Karwar is a charming port town situated south of the mouth of Kali river. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Karwar inspired Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore to pen his first drama. The natural port of Karwar has beautiful beaches flanked by scenic green hills and the sunset view from Sadashivgad is a mystic experience. The beach has a colorful music fountain, a planetarium, an aquarium, and a toy train.
Devbag Beach
DataLocated just 7 kms away from Karwar, near the confluence of Kali river is a picturesque island fringed with casuarinas groves Devbag. Approach is mainly through boat from Kodibag jetty. Apart from exquisite beauty of the island there are also activities provided for an entertaining stay like scuba diving and various water sports.
Sadashivgad is situated at 6 kms from Karwar on the northern bank of River Kali. Crossing the magnificent Kali bridge you reach Sadashivgad a place of historical importance. Here are the ruins of the old fort of the Sonda Kings. Midway on the Sadashivgad hills is the 600 years old temple Shantadurga Mahamaya temple known for its serenity. From the peak of the hill the view of the sunset in the Arabian sea is an experience in itself.
Kurumgad Island
The island is a secluded retreat with untouched natural splendour, a remote haven located 4 kms into the Arabian sea off the coast of Karwar. A 20 minute motorboat ride takes you to this island hideway where you canenjoy the wealth of God's Bounty. The Narasimha temple atop the hill on the island is where the annual fair takes place. One gets the experience of a lifetime on this island.
Gokarna is the famous pilgrimage centre of the district. Gokarna literally means cow's ear and is named so because of the landscape here formed in that shape. It is renowned for the 'atmalinga' in the ancient temple of Mahabaleshwar here. It is a great centre for Sanskri learning. Kotiteertha is the holy pond near the temple where devotees usually take a bath before entering the temple for puja.
Om beach
The Om beach named because of its shape , is 11 kms from Gokarna. Its breathtaking beauty and remarkable serenity attract tourists regularly. Adjacent to this beach are Half Moon beach and Paradise beach. This scenic coastal district has 24 beaches which lend themselves beautifully to the worshippers of the sun and sand.
Yana hills
28 kms from Kuma and 65 kms from Sirsi, Yana is a nature's wonder. Known for 2 gigantic rock formations called Mohini Shikara and Bhairaveshwara Shikara and encircled by thickly wooded forest , it is a trekker's paradise. You can eliminate your fatigue by bathing in the beautiful cascades coming down the hill.
Jog Falls
The district of Uttar Kannada is justly called the hilly land of gushing rivers. The world fampous waterfalls at Jog are formed from the river Sharavathi which dashes over the west face of Sahyadri and hurtles down a rocky chasm of 252 mtrs in four distinct falls called Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer. This awe-inspriring sight attracts millions to Jog especially after the monsoons.
Right at the foot of the Western Ghats, Kadra is a little gem of nature's beauty. A beautiful park with fountains, cascades, caves, colorful trees and plants, rose garden, and a unique vedic garden depicing sun signs, planets and rain stars. Mahamayi temple near kadra is an ancient and very popular temple situated inside the forest with a blissful atmosphere.
Yana caves
28 Kms from Kumta and 65 Km from Sirsi, Yana is a nature's wonder located amongst the evergreen forest of the Sahyadri Mountains. One can experience wilder ness in all its holiness and loneliness in this limestone rock dome paradise. Yana is known for its unique rock formations and is a haven for rock climbers. One can go for a simple climb around the rock dome or explore the cave in between the dome. There is also a possibility of going hiking to Vibhuti Falls and camp overnight in the area. The caves are known for two gigantic rock formations of a height of 90 and 120 meters called Mohini Shikhara and Bhairaveshwara Shikhara. Encircled by thickly wooded forest, it is a trekker's paradise. You can eliminate your fatigue by bathing in the beautiful cascades coming down the hill. Bhaireshwar temple, and a cave inside the rock formation are added attractions. The huge cave with the Bhairava Linga and the fair on Shivratri festivals pulls crowds and tourists alike to Yana.
One hundred and seventeen km from Karwar and just 75 km from the railhead Hubli, lies Dandeli, gateway to the 834 sq. km. Dandeli Game Sanctuary. It is home to rare species of animals, like barking deer, sloth bear, civet cat, panther, Flying Squirrel and Malabar Squirrel. Woodpeckers and Hornbills are some of the birds sighted. Take in the jungle experience by staying at the Kali Wilderness Camp, located on the edge of the Kali River or at the Bison River Resort. Ride down the Kali river in a coracle (round basket like boat), where you can watch crocodiles basking on the banks and water birds nesting, or take a jeep safari or jungle walk into the forests.
Belekeri Beach
Moving towards Mangalore from Karwar on the National Highway, you have to take a deviation after 22 kms and proceed 4 kms to reach Belekeri Beach. You will not regret the detour. The vast grass lawn suddenly drops by 50' to the beach providing a wonderful view of the sea. The land is surrounded by picturesque mountains. Watching sunset in the evening you would never like to leave the place Nearby places to visit:Katyayani Temple, Aversa (10Kms)